Everybody needs good Neighbours.

I was on Neighbours.

There’s a point in your career as a broadcaster that when people start to put a wig on and rip you off on rival channel parody shows, you really know that you’ve made an impact.
However, when you’re asked to play yourself in Neighbours, that means something else all together about penetration into Pop Culture.

It was an amazing day, and even though I can’t Act, Lou and Harold took me by the hand and showed me the way..
The best part was that Jet, my old producer from Channel [v] was the director that day.
She’s a hot Asian babe if ever there was one, and she loves the pussy cats.
Jet guided me through the untravelled pathway of ‘acting naturally’, and eased my freakish nerves on the day.

I wonder how long I wait now until I release my pop single?

Best Thing About being on Neighbours:
1: They work really, really fast
2: They can’t remember storylines either.
3: They shoot so far in advance, they exist in a permanent state of Deja Vu.
4: They have really good coffee on set.
5: Neighbours girls are really hot up close. And they smell good.

xx aa

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9 Responses to Everybody needs good Neighbours.

  1. Jeffro says:

    Sorry to break this to you, but ‘Lou’ and ‘Harold’ aren’t real people. Tom and Ian must be spinning in their graves.

  2. starry says:

    what! you met harold and lou!
    They are both such legends.
    I’ll be watching for you. i am qutie teh neighbours fan.haha.

  3. kitty says:

    Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, Shane Warne and now Andrew G!

    ‘I wonder how long I wait now until I release my pop single?’

    It may be a while as Shane has not released his yet and I think he was on a few years ago. Unless…… the Australian cricketer that appeared on neighbours was the one that has the Bollywood single out. Is that Brett Lee????

  4. Binga says:

    Oh my.
    Oh my….
    That was amusing for all the wrong reasons.
    Nice…work! High five?

  5. candy_loaded_kat says:

    ohh anthony, I cried real tears of laughter so much i ran short of breath.
    O golly funniest thing i have seen all month.

  6. starry says:

    damn..i think i missed it…lol

  7. -dsta- says:

    I got popcorn and everything ready, and you were on for.. say 5mins?

    Then after realising that you couldn’t hear me… (i was yelling at the tv) i went to bed. daylight savings is screwing me over. but hey, that 5mins wasn’t too bad.

    I bet you are closer to kevin bacon now.

    andrew g’s next stop: House


  8. Jeffro says:

    -dsta-, yes it does…

    Andrew G Kylie Minogue
    Kylie Minogue Nicole Kidman
    Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise Kevin Bacon

    (If contemporaneousness is required, add an extra link [such as Ian Smith] in Neighbours between Andrew and Kylie.)

  9. Jeffro says:


    I used arrow symbols (<- ->) with movie names in between, and it turned them into invisible HTML comments.

    Andrew G <- Neighbours -> Kylie Minogue
    Kylie Minogue <- Moulin Rouge -> Nicole Kidman
    Nicole Kidman <- Days of Thunder -> Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise <- A Few Good Men -> Kevin Bacon

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