Manifesting your inner power ballad..

hey now, hey now.
Firstly, a big thanks to all who wrote in about the “Ready, Steady, Cook!” situation. I don’t mind that I lost at all. The looks on the faces of the ladies in the audience when I whipped out the tofu was similar to the look you see on peoples faces when they view two dogs rooting on the side of the road – puzzled, curious, but all together uncomfortable. Oh well, I believe it was the first time that Vegan cooking has been attempted on national television, so I’m stoked!

More and more, I’m surrounded by brilliant people who’ve manifested their dreams into reality. People who’ve always wanted to do something, have worked at super hard and focussed their energy, and now – are living what was once a dream. The universe works very simply folks, just put it out there, work towards it, and BOOM! It’s all yours.

Remember my mate Alex I was telling you about? A few years ago, he came to live with me from Adelaide and I asked him on his first here, what he wants to do in Sydney, and he replied �I want to become a professional musician�. Right now, he’s on a plane to LA with his US Visa in his pocket, going for a few years to live his dream. He worked super hard at his music, focussed all his energies, got so many amazing gigs that he basically had nothing left to do here in Australia – and now, he’s off to LaLa to make it – big time. I’m so proud of him, and he inspires me and all my friends in so far as, he’s living proof that if you work hard enough at something, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Sorry to sound all Anthony Robbins on you, but this idea has always really has been quite prominent in my life and lately even more so. It’s no secret that you need ten easy payments of $99.95 to achieve, it’s very simple.

Thought/Dream + applied energy = reality.

Easy isn’t it?Try it for yourself

Hey I’ve got to get back to getting my immune system in check, I am playing host to a nasty virus at the moment, and thankfully due to my diet I never feel these things for long, but it does take some care to defeat. My photographer friend Liz dropped by yesterday morning and made me the best �get better’ drink I’ve ever had..
1 Orange (juiced)
1/2 Lemon(juiced)
1 clove of crushed Garlic
equivalent of ginger
a splash of Tabasco
honey to taste
boiling water

One at morning and one at night, all right!!
It’s a rainy day here in Bondi so I’m playing guitar by the window singing power ballads watching the surf comp go on in shitty conoditions. Did you know that if you can play G,F,Am,Em,D and C then you can play pretty much every ballad ever written? Go to if you don’t believe me..

Thanks for all the emails, I read them all! Take care, xx

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